5 dances for weight loss

Apart from being on a strict diet there are better ways of losing weight. One of them is dancing. Yes, regular dancing burns down 200 to 400 calories and your extra pounds. Exercises turn out to be boring so we tend to skip it at times. But dancing won’t let you get bored. There are many dance forms which you will enjoy while losing your weight –

  1. Freestyle – As the name suggests, all you have to do in this dance form is move your body as freely as possible. Considered to be the easiest dance form, it makes your body flexible apart from reducing a few inches. All you have to do is perform this dance everyday for at least 30 minutes to lose weight. You can play loud music with fast beats to get you the required amount of energy. Doing it alone is fine but dancing with a group will add excitement to it. – Top country stars and concerts.


  1. Hip Hop – This dance form is all about quick moves. It requires high energy and is a good form of workout if you want to lose weight quickly. This form of dance also helps to firm and tone your abs as it takes place in the hips and the waist, which is where the name hip hop comes from. You can lose up to 250 calories if you do this dance an hour every day.


  1. Hip Hop Abs – This dance form replaces the need to lie on the floor and do crunches as it helps shape and tone your abs. It has a great combination of isolation exercises with an intense cardio workout which enables you to lose fat and build a strong six pack ab. Perform this dance form 2-3 times a week.


  1. Cabaret/Belly Dancing – This is the best form of dance to tone your hips, back and abs. The involvement of slow and controlled isometric body movements helps maintain flexibility and improves circulation. When you move your lower body to perform belly dancing, your body burns calories and helps shape up your buttocks. It burns thigh and abdominal fat as well. It benefits your health in more ways, like it helps in strengthening muscles and improving posture; it also prevents back pain that is often a major barrier in exercising. Since belly dancing puts very less pressure on the feet as compared to other forms of dance and exercises, it improves bone density to a great extent. Do this for an hour everyday to burn up to 300 calories. Cabaret increases the fitness of your body.


  1. Salsa – This Latin American dance form is to be done in a pair. It consists of a pattern where six steps are danced over eight counts of music along with several turns. Do this for an hour daily with a partner and burn an unbelievable 420 calories. Isn’t it a perfect weight loss exercise to do with a partner of your choice?