An Endless List of Health Problems Caused By Mold and Mold Spores!

blackmoldYou will come across mold almost anywhere! However, the dangerous fungus grows rapidly in moist, wet surfaces. From your lawns to garage to basement to workplace to corporate outlets, mold has found a place almost everywhere. Nevertheless, like many other parasites, toxic mold causes many health problems. The fungus triggers mental impairments and breathing issues. Common health disorders caused by mold includes eye problems, circulatory troubles, respiratory issues, neurological problems, skin infections, weak immunity, tiredness and restricted limb movements. This is why individuals are advised to maintain a clean environment, without any mold.

In this short write up, you will get a quick glimpse through common health issues caused by mold and mold toxins.

The need for cleaning!

Mold causes a huge myriad of respiratory problems. When you live with black mold, you will sense an intense irritation in your nasal track and air passage. Mold produces a harmful substance called Mycotoxin. This is an irritant that blocks the mucus membrane and triggers the production of sinus. Apart from the production of sinus, Mycotoxins will burden you with a runny nose, wheezing troubles, blocked nose, swollen gums, shortness of breath, pulmonary hemorrhage and sore throat. The only remedy against these respiratory problems would be “cleaning and more cleaning”. As you remove mold from your workplace and house, you can get rid of these respiratory disorders.

A huge array of skin issues

As mentioned previously, mold causes many skin problems. Rashes, redness and irritation are three major symptoms caused by mold and mold spores. Mycotoxins are small particles that can penetrate into your body through the skin! As the toxic substance enters into your body, it would trigger many skin issues. Moreover, the toxic substance triggers the production of sweat near armpits and the neck. If you are a person of weak immunity, you will definitely face skin problems like dermatitis, jaundice, blisters, skin inflammation and crawling skin –

Five critical problems caused by mold and mold spores

Likewise, mold and mold spores can cause many circulatory problems. As quoted previously, mold spores can seep into the body through your eyes, skin and food. When mold enters into your body through food, it will dissolve and infest your blood. Inflammation, internal bleeding, hypertension, bone marrow disruption and irregular heartbeat are five critical problems caused by mold spores.

The very many vision related problems!

Unfortunately, mold causes many vision related problems. Through air or blood, when Mycotoxins come in touch with your eyes, you will sense a wave of irritation. Consequently, mold spores will make you tear; resulting in soreness, bloodshot eyes and blurry sight. In severe cases, mold spores may cause jaundice.

A quick summary!

On the whole, mold and mold spores can cause many health issues. The problems will depend on your gender, age, lifestyle and health condition. If you are physically weak and feeble, you must remember to maintain a clean ambience. This is because mold causes a huge array of health disorders in just-born kids, children and elders!