Battling Against TMJ Jaw and Ear Pain

tmjAre you battling through tough TMJ Jaw pain and TMJ ear pain? Is your little kid complaining of intense pain near his jaw? DO you want relief from TMJ If yes, you will certainly find this short write up useful. Though there is no permanent or immediate relief against this problem, the health syndrome does have temporary cures!  According to doctors and physicians, TMJ Jaw pain comprises of an effective home remedy. This is a procedure that works miracles amongst the young and the old! If you are not close to a trained TMJ specialist, home based remedies described in this article will undeniably lend you a hand of help.

Three Inefficient Remedies

First of all, you should comprehend the fact that TMJ Jaw pain doesn’t work well with pain killers, surgeries or night guards. Pain killers will give you a short term relief. Nevertheless, pain killers that work against TMJ are bundled with many unexpected side effects. It would be a nightmare to tackle against these side effects. Secondly, surgery will be expensive, exceptionally invasive and painful. Moreover, researchers regard surgery as an unproven and unhealthy solution against TMJ. Thirdly, you should not rely on TMJ Guards. This is because TMJ Guards are special gears designed to fight against long term misalignment. Thus, TMJ Guards must be aligned periodically.

Fight Against Stress, Stick Onto Yoga

Before searching for a medication against TMJ, you should understand that “Stress” is the prime cause behind this problem. When you are mentally affected by stress, you would grind your teeth or clench your jaws. This is when facial muscles are forced to go through lots of pressure. As a result, the jaw or ear will be hurt physically. To eradicate the effects of TMJ permanently, you should practice Yoga. Fitness experts state that Yoga has breathing exercises that will calm your mind, reduce stress and relieve TMJ jaw pain.

Three Simple Home Based Remedies

Apart from Yoga, few other simple exercises will help you fight against TMJ in style. The exercises can be modified in accordance with the condition’s actual severity. Here is a quick insight through the passive version of the TMJ stretching exercise:

  • Firstly, stand in front of a mirror and open your mouth slowly. Remember that the mouth has to be symmetrical and exceptionally straight. Use your hand to guide the path taken by the mouth. Repeat this vertical movement for at least ten times.
  • Now, move your jaw to the left and right slowly. The horizontal movement should be repeated for another ten times.
  • Finally, lift your tongue and let it touch the top surface (roof) of the mouth! This is a delicate movement that has to be done with lots of care! Never lose control of your tongue or let the organ come down before touching the mouth’s roof. This step has to be repeated ten times.

The foremost exercises should be done three to four times every day! As you adhere to the procedure, you will feel the pain vanish away gradually.