5 dances for weight loss

Apart from being on a strict diet there are better ways of losing weight. One of them is dancing. Yes, regular dancing burns down 200 to 400 calories and your extra pounds. Exercises turn out to be boring so we tend to skip it at times. But dancing won’t let you get bored. There are many dance forms which you will enjoy while losing your weight –

  1. Freestyle – As the name suggests, all you have to do in this dance form is move your body as freely as possible. Considered to be the easiest dance form, it makes your body flexible apart from reducing a few inches. All you have to do is perform this dance everyday for at least 30 minutes to lose weight. You can play loud music with fast beats to get you the required amount of energy. Doing it alone is fine but dancing with a group will add excitement to it. – Top country stars and concerts.


  1. Hip Hop – This dance form is all about quick moves. It requires high energy and is a good form of workout if you want to lose weight quickly. This form of dance also helps to firm and tone your abs as it takes place in the hips and the waist, which is where the name hip hop comes from. You can lose up to 250 calories if you do this dance an hour every day.


  1. Hip Hop Abs – This dance form replaces the need to lie on the floor and do crunches as it helps shape and tone your abs. It has a great combination of isolation exercises with an intense cardio workout which enables you to lose fat and build a strong six pack ab. Perform this dance form 2-3 times a week.


  1. Cabaret/Belly Dancing – This is the best form of dance to tone your hips, back and abs. The involvement of slow and controlled isometric body movements helps maintain flexibility and improves circulation. When you move your lower body to perform belly dancing, your body burns calories and helps shape up your buttocks. It burns thigh and abdominal fat as well. It benefits your health in more ways, like it helps in strengthening muscles and improving posture; it also prevents back pain that is often a major barrier in exercising. Since belly dancing puts very less pressure on the feet as compared to other forms of dance and exercises, it improves bone density to a great extent. Do this for an hour everyday to burn up to 300 calories. Cabaret increases the fitness of your body.


  1. Salsa – This Latin American dance form is to be done in a pair. It consists of a pattern where six steps are danced over eight counts of music along with several turns. Do this for an hour daily with a partner and burn an unbelievable 420 calories. Isn’t it a perfect weight loss exercise to do with a partner of your choice?


An Endless List of Health Problems Caused By Mold and Mold Spores!

blackmoldYou will come across mold almost anywhere! However, the dangerous fungus grows rapidly in moist, wet surfaces. From your lawns to garage to basement to workplace to corporate outlets, mold has found a place almost everywhere. Nevertheless, like many other parasites, toxic mold causes many health problems. The fungus triggers mental impairments and breathing issues. Common health disorders caused by mold includes eye problems, circulatory troubles, respiratory issues, neurological problems, skin infections, weak immunity, tiredness and restricted limb movements. This is why individuals are advised to maintain a clean environment, without any mold.

In this short write up, you will get a quick glimpse through common health issues caused by mold and mold toxins.

The need for cleaning!

Mold causes a huge myriad of respiratory problems. When you live with black mold, you will sense an intense irritation in your nasal track and air passage. Mold produces a harmful substance called Mycotoxin. This is an irritant that blocks the mucus membrane and triggers the production of sinus. Apart from the production of sinus, Mycotoxins will burden you with a runny nose, wheezing troubles, blocked nose, swollen gums, shortness of breath, pulmonary hemorrhage and sore throat. The only remedy against these respiratory problems would be “cleaning and more cleaning”. As you remove mold from your workplace and house, you can get rid of these respiratory disorders.

A huge array of skin issues

As mentioned previously, mold causes many skin problems. Rashes, redness and irritation are three major symptoms caused by mold and mold spores. Mycotoxins are small particles that can penetrate into your body through the skin! As the toxic substance enters into your body, it would trigger many skin issues. Moreover, the toxic substance triggers the production of sweat near armpits and the neck. If you are a person of weak immunity, you will definitely face skin problems like dermatitis, jaundice, blisters, skin inflammation and crawling skin – blackmoldremovalreport.com/.

Five critical problems caused by mold and mold spores

Likewise, mold and mold spores can cause many circulatory problems. As quoted previously, mold spores can seep into the body through your eyes, skin and food. When mold enters into your body through food, it will dissolve and infest your blood. Inflammation, internal bleeding, hypertension, bone marrow disruption and irregular heartbeat are five critical problems caused by mold spores.

The very many vision related problems!

Unfortunately, mold causes many vision related problems. Through air or blood, when Mycotoxins come in touch with your eyes, you will sense a wave of irritation. Consequently, mold spores will make you tear; resulting in soreness, bloodshot eyes and blurry sight. In severe cases, mold spores may cause jaundice.

A quick summary!

On the whole, mold and mold spores can cause many health issues. The problems will depend on your gender, age, lifestyle and health condition. If you are physically weak and feeble, you must remember to maintain a clean ambience. This is because mold causes a huge array of health disorders in just-born kids, children and elders!



Battling Against TMJ Jaw and Ear Pain

tmjAre you battling through tough TMJ Jaw pain and TMJ ear pain? Is your little kid complaining of intense pain near his jaw? DO you want relief from TMJ If yes, you will certainly find this short write up useful. Though there is no permanent or immediate relief against this problem, the health syndrome does have temporary cures!  According to doctors and physicians, TMJ Jaw pain comprises of an effective home remedy. This is a procedure that works miracles amongst the young and the old! If you are not close to a trained TMJ specialist, home based remedies described in this article will undeniably lend you a hand of help.

Three Inefficient Remedies

First of all, you should comprehend the fact that TMJ Jaw pain doesn’t work well with pain killers, surgeries or night guards. Pain killers will give you a short term relief. Nevertheless, pain killers that work against TMJ are bundled with many unexpected side effects. It would be a nightmare to tackle against these side effects. Secondly, surgery will be expensive, exceptionally invasive and painful. Moreover, researchers regard surgery as an unproven and unhealthy solution against TMJ. Thirdly, you should not rely on TMJ Guards. This is because TMJ Guards are special gears designed to fight against long term misalignment. Thus, TMJ Guards must be aligned periodically.

Fight Against Stress, Stick Onto Yoga

Before searching for a medication against TMJ, you should understand that “Stress” is the prime cause behind this problem. When you are mentally affected by stress, you would grind your teeth or clench your jaws. This is when facial muscles are forced to go through lots of pressure. As a result, the jaw or ear will be hurt physically. To eradicate the effects of TMJ permanently, you should practice Yoga. Fitness experts state that Yoga has breathing exercises that will calm your mind, reduce stress and relieve TMJ jaw pain.

Three Simple Home Based Remedies

Apart from Yoga, few other simple exercises will help you fight against TMJ in style. The exercises can be modified in accordance with the condition’s actual severity. Here is a quick insight through the passive version of the TMJ stretching exercise:

  • Firstly, stand in front of a mirror and open your mouth slowly. Remember that the mouth has to be symmetrical and exceptionally straight. Use your hand to guide the path taken by the mouth. Repeat this vertical movement for at least ten times.
  • Now, move your jaw to the left and right slowly. The horizontal movement should be repeated for another ten times.
  • Finally, lift your tongue and let it touch the top surface (roof) of the mouth! This is a delicate movement that has to be done with lots of care! Never lose control of your tongue or let the organ come down before touching the mouth’s roof. This step has to be repeated ten times.

The foremost exercises should be done three to four times every day! As you adhere to the procedure, you will feel the pain vanish away gradually.